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Hans was fed and treated by doctors of the castle. His cell was simple, but much more comfortable than the cold and dark dungeon in which he was in his own kingdom.
"How are you feeling?" He heard a familiar voice near the cell bars. The Queen herself was there.
"Better than when I arrived, I confess," said Hans in a flat voice. " Her Majesty herself come to see me? Want to see my disaster, my Queen?"
"I'm not that kind of person, Hans."
"But you almost killed that man that day, in your ice castle," said Hans with a wry smile. "We're not so different, you know?"
"Don't talk such nonsense" Elsa said. " I just want to see you in the eyes. I didn't had the chance on THAT day. I want to understand."
"Understand what?"
"Why you did it", Elsa said in a serious tone.
"Because I wanted to be the King of Arendelle. Isn't that clear enough?"
"You was kind to the people of Arendelle. If you are so cold, why care about your future vassals? Bad kings don't care."
"I don't had to give any explanations to you!" Shout Hans in a angry voice, pushing himself against the cell bars. "Kill me if you want, I don't care!"
Elsa stared at her green eyes. There was a strange look in his eyes. A glow that had not noticed before ...
"Your eyes," she said. "This light ... can not be ..."
Grand Pabbie was again hastily summoned to the castle. Against his will, and hold by the guards, Hans was taken to the old troll.
"Your suspicions were right, Elsa," said Grand Pabbie. "Your magic powers is increasing. As now you're able to control it, you're also able to detect magic powers too".
And he began a ritual to remove Hans's mirror fragment. Took too much longer than in the other day, with the girl Mira.
"This fragment was with him for too long. It took deep roots in his heart," he explained.
Hans screamed in pain. There were many lights and sparks, and then suddenly the fragment appeared in the air above the Hans breast, and the former prince collapsed. Grand Pabbie quickly launched a spell of his staff, destroying the mirror.
"So...that say that everything he did ... It was because he was under the power of the mirror?" Asked Anna.
"Yes and no. The mirror only increases what is already there in the heart." Grand Pabbie explained. "He already wanted power and revenge ... What the mirror does is increase the feeling. So the wishes don't have limits anymore. Even if that wish means hurts another person."
"And so he tried to kill us," concluded Anna.
"But what now? Can we trust him?" Elsa asked.
"Also yes and no. The fragment was for too long in his heart. It will take until your heart become completely pure again. I suggest to be careful."
"What we should do with him, sis? The crowd of Arendelle wants us to...kill him." Anna said.
"We won't will kill anyone, Anna, even if he was guilty. We will not be responsible for anyone's life. And if Hans is not even a bad person ... we'll see what he can offer us."
"He can give the location of the mysterious sorcerer," Kristoff said.
"And so it will prevent further rains of mirrors, and we save Arendelle", amended Elsa.
"This is a great idea, my sister," concluded Anna. "But, we... That means we will have to trust him."
"That's what we'll see when he wakes up," Elsa said.
Meanwhile, Hans was deep asleep.
Many years later, in Arendelle, Anna and Kristoff are making arrangements for their wedding. Elsa is getting used to the tasks of a queen's life. Six months have passed since the Great Winter caused by Elsa.
One day, a letter arrives at the castle. A letter saying that, in the far north of the kingdom, there was a mysterious shower of mirrors fragments... A child was hit by it, and she is taken to the Queen.
Mira is usually a good-hearted girl, but she comes screaming and attacking everyone in the castle. Grandpa Pabbie, the leader of the trolls, is called, and he confirmed that it was witchcraft.
He uses his magic, and take off the mirror....and the girl back to normal.
"This is a very dangerous artifact called the Dark Mirror. Only powerful wizards can create it. The mirror fragments enter the heart and make turns bad a good heart. The wizard who created the mirror increases his powers, for each heart that he takes. "
"Then there's another wizard in Arendelle ?!" Anna and Elsa speak in unison.
"Probably so, and very dangerous."
"We have to do something, quickly," said Elsa worried.
But at that moment, an even greater concern was to come.
"Majesty," a guard entered hastily in the Queen's room. "A carriage of the Southern Lands has just arrived."
"Southern Lands?" Elsa asked.
"Hans," said Anna in a desolate tone. Kristoff hugged her.
"I'll see what they want," Elsa said.
In fact it was Hans who was in the carriage, chained and handcuffed. "I come from the Southern Lands with orders to bring you the prisoner named Hans. What I'm reading here are the King's words.", said the Southern Lands guard.
"So he is no longer prince ?!" Asked Anna.
"Your Majesty, Queen of Arendelle: this man is not wanted in our land. I find it fair that your Majesty decide how you want to deal with him. From His Majesty the King of the Southern Lands".
"He was disowned by his own brothers?!" Thought Elsa.
"Condemn him to death!" Shouted the people.
Some people threw tomatoes when Hans was taken from the carriage. Elsa looked at the figure of the former prince and cannot avoid feeling pity for him. Hans was dressed in rags, was very thin and had marks of beatings and whippings throughout the body.
"I will consider and do what is fair to do with this man," said Elsa loud and clear to the crowd. Anna was still clinging to Kristoff, visibly scared, but also shaken seeing Hans's conditions. The former prince said nothing; only was crestfallen, without looking directly at the two sisters.
"Take him to the cells," Elsa said.
Chapter II

Some time passed after that day.
At a ball, Nina met Vlad, the handsome and big Prince of the Eastern Lands of Prussia.
Both were delighted with each other. And started meeting every day: in the park, picnics, dinners, walks in the castle gardens ...
And the little Hans began to get more and more alone at home. Nina didn’t have as much time for him as she had before.

Until one day, Vlad arrived at the castle , all pompous, holding a small box with a ring.
- Nina, you accept to marry me?
- Yes, my beloved Vlad!
There was a huge commotion that day in the Great Hall of the castle.
Hans watched all by far.
- Well, well, what we have here, my dear brother Smith? - Said a familiar voice behind Hans, who shook with fear and anger.
- I, my dear Klauz? I see nothing. There's someone here to see? If there is, maybe it’s invisible. Or is too small to notice.
And the two together gave a laugh. Hans ran, weeping with rage, and came toward her sister.
- Hans! Hans! You’re crying! What happened?
- Hey, kid, get out! You’re messing up the engagement photos! I brought this photographer from my kingdom especially for this moment - said the big guy Vlad.
- Shut up, Vlad! Hans, what happened?
- Nina ... sister ... you ... will not go away, right? You will always be here for me, will not you?
- ... Hans, my dear. Once I get married, I will live with Vlad, but ...
Hans's wet eyes widened, and he ran out of the castle.
- Hans! Hans !!
The guards of the castle, under the command of Nina, ran after the boy. Vlad had a kind heart and instructed his bodyguards to do the same, but no one could find him.

Hans ran as he could to get to into a deep and dark forest, where he knelt down and began to cry.
- My poor boy. All they left you, right?
A voice echoed nearby, startling Hans. He looked around, but saw no one.
- Don’t be afraid, you are not alone. I can keep you company. Come to me.
Hans looked again at the sides, and this time noticed a tiny, dark cave, except for a single point of white light that flashed deep down. With fear, but also not wanting to be alone, Hans entered the cave.
- That's right, my child. Don’t be afraid of me. Accept my offer.
- Who are you? Where are you? - Hans gathered all his courage to ask the mysterious voice.
- They call me different names. Some calls me “witch”, others, “sorcerer”. Still others, “the Snow Queen”. - Gradually, the figure was taking shape in the middle of the darkness, and Hans saw a extremely pale  woman, with skin and hair white as the  snow itself.
She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. More beautiful even than his sister, who was until then the most beautiful of women for him.
- Do you like my appearance, my child? - The woman said with a smile.
Hans just shook his head, dumbfounded. The woman then reached out his hand, and showed that she held a small mirror.
- Listen to me carefully, my poor child. This mirror has great powers. The one who has this in his heart will be able to accomplish great things. There will be no limits to what you will can do. You just need to accept it in your heart.
- And what I need to do?
- Just break it – Said the witch with a smile. - The entire mirror has too much power. Your body could not bear. Break it. Break it, and only one small fragment will enter your heart. One small fragment, and you will become strong and powerful.
- But breaking mirrors brings bad luck - said Hans, still hesitating.
- My poor child - Said the witch, opening further your smile. - You will be The Mirror. The bad luck will be of those who cross your path.
Hans took a deep breath, and in one motion, took the mirror and threw him down, shattering it.
Hundreds of fragments formed a swirl in the air, wrapped in a black mist. Hans then was terrified and tried to get out of there, but the mirror pieces formed a wall in the air. Hans tried to escape on the other side, but then a single fragment pierced his chest. At this time, all other fragments fell to the ground, and Hans also fainted.
The Witch gave an evil laugh, and disappeared with the mist.
After a few minutes, Hans woke up. The brightness of his eyes was gone. He stood up, and from that day on, he was never the same again.
Frozen: The Dark Mirror - Chapter 2
The second chapter of my Frozen fanfic, hope you like it :heart:
Chapter I
It was summer in the South Islands. The small country had a mild and pleasant climate. The sun was always dawning in the sky.
The weather there really did not resemble the cold climate of northern kingdom, Arendelle.
Some would say that the cold climate of the place was because of the presence of a witch.
But it was only a legend. Only a few believed it.
In the royal castle, a small red-haired boy watched the sky.

- The sun dawned! Nina, Nina! Can we go play?
- Make silence, Hans. You will wake up your brothers.
- I don’t care about them. They pretend I do not exist, even - Hans muttered in a sad voice. - Klauz said he will be the king and Smith will be his prime minister. And that I'm a good-for-nothing.
- Klauz and Smith are two jokers. Don’t hear them - Said Nina in a friendly tone. – They only pick on you because you are the youngest.
- And where are Claude and Franz?
- Went to ride.
- And Ruth and Olivia?
- They went to the sewing class.
- And Stan and Heinrich?
- Don’t you remember? The two enlisted in the Army and they’re in campaigns in the Eastern Lands.
- And Peter and Brimir?
- Both married and don’t live here anymore ... You already know that, right? Peter now lives in the West and Brimir went to the Pacific Lands. Why are you asking this if you already know?
- They all leave me because I'm the youngest - Hans said crestfallen.
- Don’t say that. We've talked about it, Hans. And I'm here, duh. I don’t count? - Nina said with a sad voice.
- Of course you count, sister! - And Hans jumped into the neck of the older sister, giving her a big hug.
Nina was a beautiful young girl. In his 16 years, had blond hair tied in a bun and bright green eyes. The little brother, with 6 years, had red hair and eyes as green as hers.
- Our parents are no longer here ... But I always will take care of you, Hans.
- Promise you'll never shut me out, Nina - said Hans.
- I would never shut you out, Hans - said Nina.
Frozen: The Dark Mirror - Chapter 1
My first fanfic! Yay!! :clap:
Although my English isn't that good, I think I should try :)
This is supposed to be a sequence of Frozen and a redemption for Hans. I like Helsa, you see :heart: But although this will be a important part of the story, I don't want it to be the center of the story. Also, I've read some mature-darker fanfics (don't misunderstand me, i love them! there's some really good out there), but I want to make something more childish, for every age, as the original movie.

Anyway this is just the prologue :heart: I hope you like it :heart:
I haven't drew nothing, months. Just lack of time and also, of ideas XD Do you have any suggestions for me to draw? Please give me some ideas :)


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi there! I'm May. 24 years old, secretary, I'm graduated in Arts and this year I've started Business college. I'm Brazilian and my native language is Portuguese (so, sorry for any English error! XD) I also know a bit of Japanese language and culture (love Japan :heart:)
I LOVE Sailor Moon with my life. I collect itens (if you're selling or trading one, let me know!^^)
I'm a amateur anime artist and I accept chibis drawings and plushies commission. Plushies are my speciality! :heart: Please check into my gallery:…

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